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Van “The Man” Van Horn has sought to make a name for himself at the expense of the Posse!

Since joining the roster here at @NWA_MidSouth, Van “The Man” Van Horn has sought to make a name for himself at the expense of the Posse! Lil Chris will look to avenge the losses suffered at the hands of Van Horn this Saturday night LIVE @‪#‎TheHerbWelchWrestlePlex‬ in Dyersburg, TN! Bell time is 7:30pm!

‪#‎HistoryIsHere‬ with the best in ‪#‎ProWrestling‬, & that is the ‪#‎NationalWrestlingAlliance‬!



With help from the legendary manager JJ Dillon, The Empire struck gold in Dyersburg, TN!

With help from the legendary manager JJ Dillon, The Empire struck gold in Dyersburg, TN!

TCW Champion Tim Storm was set to face off against NWA MID SOUTH champion Gaylon Summers but for unknown reason, Summers no-showed the prestigious event and forfeited the NWA MID SOUTH Unified Heavyweight Championship to Tim Storm, thus merging the two titles and bringing more gold back to The Empire.

The NWA MID SOUTH championship committee then decided that Tim Storm would have to defend his newly combined titles against the former NWA MID SOUTH champion Jason Peter Rose, after JPR challenged the new champion. Storm would retain his new gold with help from JJ Dillon and The Empire.


NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Steve Anthony successfully defended his title against veteran and former Ring of Honor champion Roderick Strong.

Matt Riviera defended his NWA Western Heritage Title against The Southern Psycho Elliot Russell.

Golden Boy Greg Anthony sneaked a victory over The Gift Jason Kincaid in a hard fought match.

And much, much more!

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The Empire Strikes Back!

What could be hotter than a new Star Wars movie?




Find out Saturday Night in Dyersburg, TN!

No other wrestling company in the entire tristate area brings you the quality of wrestling matches or wrestlers that will be featured at ‪#‎TheEmpireStrikesBack‬ Supercard THIS COMING SATURDAY NIGHT, May 2nd in Dyersburg, TN @‪#‎TheHerbWelchWrestlePlex‬! We’re located at 1827 St. John Ave!

Jason “The Gift” Kincaid is the best ‪#‎IndyWrestling‬ star in the business AND this coming Saturday night at ‪#‎TheEmpireStrikesBack‬ Supercard on May 2nd, he will showcase his many in ring gifts in a match against the self proclaimed ‪#‎BestOfTheBest‬ – @NWAGoldenBoy Greg Anthony!

THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, May 2nd – “Loverboy” Matt Riviera, accompanied by the ‪#‎legendary‬ manager of the ‪#‎FourHorsemen‬ & ‪#‎RicFlair‬ – JJ Dillon, defends his coveted ‪#‎NWAWesternStatesHeritageTitle‬ against the “Southern Sycho” Elliott Russell at ‪#‎TheEmpireStrikesBack‬ Supercard! Bell at ‪#‎TheHerbWelchWrestlePlex‬ is 7:30pm & it’s located at 1827 St. John Ave in Dyersburg, TN!

At ‪#‎TheEmpireStrikesBack‬ Supercard THIS COMING SATURDAY NIGHT, May 2nd, The “Master of the Backbreaker” Roderick Strong faces “The Exclamation Point” of the ‪#‎Empire‬, Steve Anthony in a can’t miss ‪#‎MainEvent‬!


This Saturday Night! See the Legendary Downtown Bruno inducted into the Hall of Champions!

He is one of the most famous managers in Memphis Wrestling history, He is one of very few managers to managing a man in the Main Event of WrestleMania, The Rock has even publically thanked him on talk shows like The Tonight Show, plus he was even a WWE Women’s Champion!. You may know him as Harvey Whippleman but in this area he will always be DOWNTOWN BRUNO and he will be live at NWA Mid South this Saturday night!






Amazing Fan Pics from UltraBrawl 2015! #BestFansInTheWorld

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